TEXT-TO_GIVE is an easy way to use your cellphone for giving.  Here's how to do it:

  1. Text an amount you want to give to  239-330-2660
  2. You will receive a response with a link to go online and register your name, e-mail address, and the Credit or Debit Card you wish to use for giving.
  3. Using the same e-mail address on both your text-to-give registration, as well as any online giving you do through the website, allows all your giving records to be consolidated for a simple end-of-the-year report for a charitable giving tax deduction.
  4. The next time you want to give, just text an amount to that number - 239-330-2660 - and you will get a confirmation of your donation.
  5. Should you wish to give to a special fund, simply text that word and an amount, such as - missions 100 - to that number and $100 will go to missions.  If you don't remember the categories, that's OK, you can either look them up online, or if you text a word the system does not recognize it will offer you the options from which you may choose.
  6. Should your card expire, or should you wish to change your card, you can simply type the word - reset - and it will allow you to enter the new information.
  7. Please let us know at the King's Way office if you have any difficulties and we can help you or find answers to any questions you may have.
  8. Enjoy giving that is safe, rewarding, and certainly a blessing to the Kingdom of God!

Thank you!

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