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Hurricane Irma Information:

In order to keep everyone up to date on what is happening with Hurricane Irma, as well as to inform you as to services and event for King's Way Christian Center, as well as the Academy at King's Way, we will be keeping this page up-to-date with information regarding any schedule adjustments.  Please check back, or look at the Calendar (under the Events menu) to see if a service or event is taking place.  Thank you, we are praying, and we encourage you to take all safety measures recommended by the authorities, including evacuation if so recommended or if you fee it necessary for the safety of your family!  May the Lord bring His protection upon us, and may He give us all wisdom!

Church Schedule Adjustments:

  • This will allow people to prepare their homes, inventory hurricane preparation items, and consider plans for evacuation if necessary.




Helpful Storm Watching Links:

It is important that you know which "Evacuation Zone" you live in. You should know that most of Cape Coral is in Zone "B" and some of our area is in Zone "A" - these would be the first to be called for evacuation.  An interactive map is availabel to show you your zone, and there is more information at the Lee County website as follows.  I will list that site, but also post a picture of the zones.

PLEASE NOTE:  These links will open in another window or tab of your browser.

Links to Hurricane Monitoring sites are BELOW this important information regarding flood zones

Lee County "Know Your Evacutation Zone" site (click on the A, B, C, D, or E for more information about that zone)

Interactive Map (enter your address in the search bar at the top of the map and then WAIT - the site is slow, but the overlay will load showing your zone) 

Map of Zones:


Description of Zones:


 Hurricane Monitoring Sites

Windy- great site with timeline at bottom you can advance - also has a mobile app

NBC-2 Interactive Hurricane Tracker - Check the boxes at the bottom to turn on the Spaghetti Models of forecast tracks

NOAA Hurricane Weather Research and Forecast System - Check the boxes at the top of the map for Spaghetti Models, then zoom in on map

NOAA Tracking of Irma

Weather Underground Tracking Site with other graphics and measures

Florida Division of Emergency Management


 News and Alerts

  • ALERTS FROM LEE COUNTY - This website also has a link to the "LeeAlert" app for your mobile phone - click on it from your phone to download. Also has links for Twitter notifications and FaceBook.
  • Please rely more on local media for this information as theirs will be more up-to-date.

Governor Scott declares state of Emergency for Florida





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