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These messages are not a part of a series, but individual messages to bring encouragement and faith from God's Word.

Christmas - Is There Room In Your Heart? (2017-12-10)

Peace - Words of Peace from the Book of Romans (2017-07-23)

Gideon - Part 2 - Victory! (2017-07-16)

Gideon - Part 1 - Courage! (2017-07-09)

Walking by Faith - Lessons from Abraham (2017-07-02)

Holy Spirit 04 - The Holy Spirit - Our Helper (2017-06-25)

Holy Spirit 03 - Led By The Spirit (2017-06-18)

Holy Spirit 02 - The Baptism in the Holy Spirit (2017-06-11)

Holy Spirit 01 - Reliance on the Spirit - Faith, not Fate (2017-06-04)

Faith - Give Me That Mountain! (2017-05-28)

Faith Moves Mountains! (2017-05-21)

Mother's Day - Writing On The Hearts Of Our Children - Choose Your Pen (2017-05-14)

Love - Part 4 - Connect the D.O.T.S. (2017-04-30)

Love - Part 3 - Five Love Languages (2017-04-23)

Easter - The Transforming Power of the Resurrection (2017-04-16)

Love - Part 2 - Three Expressions of Love (2017-04-09)

Love - Part 1 - Pizza Love or Perfect Love? (2017-04-02)

OUTRAGE! - How It Is Destroying Our Souls (2017-03-19)

Nets In Repair (2017-03-12)

Restoration and the Journey of Lazarus from Death to Life (2017-03-05)

Rest - God's Plan for His People (2017-02-26)

Seed of Faith - What To Do With A Word From The Lord (2017-02-19)

Seated With Christ (2017-02-05)

Obligation To No One But Christ (2017-01-22)

Amalekites and Snowmen (2017-01-15)

Broken Bread In Jesus' Hands (2017-01-08)

Christmas - Family Sharing our Experience, Expression, Expectation (2016-12-25)

Christmas - Magi - Quest, Question, Faith, and Worship (2016-12-18)

Christmas - HEAR The Gospel MESSAGE (2016-12-11)

Golf, the Birth of Jesus, and our Mission (2016-12-04)

D.N.A - Unto Us A Son Is Given - Looking Like Our Father (2016-11-27)

Gratitude that brings Healing, Help, Honor, and Hope (2016-11-20)

A New Heart (2016-11-06)

Seeds of Faith, Watered by Love (2016-10-30)

Wisdom from Above (2016-10-23)

Amazing Grace - No Separation for Sincere Seekers (2016-10-09)

Purpose - Part 08 - Steps of Progress and the Practices of Purpose (2016-10-02)

Purpose - Part 07 - Living, Moving, Being (2016-09-25)

Purpose - Part 06 - Obscure, But Not Obsolete (2016-09-18)

Purpose - Part 05 - Faith and Unity in the Face of Fear - 9/11 (2016-09-11)

Purpose - Part 04 - Hezekiah and Building Together (2016-08-28)

Purpose - Part 03 - Redirect the River to Save your City (2016-08-21)

Purpose - Part 02 - Joseph and Clarity and Effectiveness of Purpose (2016-08-14)

Purpose - Part 01 - A Future and a Hope! (2016-08-07)

The Grace of Giving - Tithes and Offerings (2016-07-31)

The Domains of Peacemakers (2016-07-24)

Blessed are the Peacemakers... (2016-07-17)

Non-Sermon Ministry During Worship - Lawlessness and Reconciliation (2016-07-10)

Your Inheritance and Birthright (2016-07-10)

Words In Granite (2016-07-03)

Aliens and Strangers (2016-06-12)

Ages and Stages of Spiritual Growth (2016-06-05)

Grace Undeserved in Unexpected Ways (2016-05-29)

Rising From The Dead (2016-05-22)

No Longer Slaves (2016-05-15)

The Soil of our Heart - Letting God's Word Grow (2016-04-10)

Zaccheus and the 4H Club (2016-04-03)

Easter - Ransomed, Redeemed, Resurrected, Re-Titled (2016-03-27)

Palm Sunday - Servants, Seat, Shout (2016-03-20)

Ezekiel - The Man, The Message, The Miracle (2016-03-13)

Prophetic Voice - Part 2 (2016-03-06)

Prophetic Voice (2016-02-21)

The Love of God (2016-02-14)

Orthodoxy and Orthopraxy (2016-02-07)

Be Filled With The Spirit (2016-01-17)

One Another

In this series, we will explore the relationship we have with one another in the Body of Christ.  There is a powerful dynamic to our relationship with Christ in that it puts us into relationship with other beleivers in the body of Christ.  The great privileg, and great responsibility we share is explored in this series which will encourage you that you are not alone in the journey of faith, but that we can encourage one another!

Armor of God

Ephesians 6 tells us that we are in a battle, that the battle is a spiritual one, and that we must "put on" the Armor of God.  This series explores each component of the spiritual armor.

Spiritual Warfare

Gaining victory in your spiritual life becomes possible when you understand the Spiritual Warfare in which you are constantly engaged.  This series will help you understand the power available through Christ, the tactics of the enemy, and will give you the tools to walk in victory.

Spiritual Renewal Week 2016

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